Test Cells for MEMS industry

”Meant for MEMS” is a slogan, but also our philopsophy. AFORE focuses on MEMS testing only and designs the Test Cells especially for that purpose. A combination of AFORE Test Handler, Integrated Tester and Software is an “easy to adopt” solution which guarantees Low Cost of test (COT), High Accuracy and Reliable Operation. AFORE offers feasible solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer MEMS sensor testing from from Laboratory Use up to continuous 24/7 High Volume Production.

Handlers by Package

AFORE provides the most  enhanced test cells for various MEMS sensor types and packages. AFORE test cells have been designed to be flexible in adapting different types of packages and to enable fast and economical product changes. This is important for customers using one test cell for variety of different products.

Handlers by Stimulus

By following our "Meant for MEMS" philopsophy we ensure good DUT alignment, accuracy of stimuli, low noise conditions and smooth handling, which are the main factors in high quality MEMS testing.

Time goes to testing, not to loading and unloading

Customer optimized combination of Afore test handler, ATE and application software.

How to reach good MEMS sensor performance