Test Cells for MEMS industry

AFORE is a pioneer in MEMS test equipment industry. Long experience has taught us basic principles that we follow in every test equipment design. We know what is required to create accurate and reliable MEMS testing cell for high volume 24/7 production.

Product families

APOLLON is a tri-temp strip level test system for motion sensors.
AIOLOS - Wafer level test handler for environmental sensors with with physical stimulus
KRONOS - Wafer level test handler for 6/9DOF sensors with real stimulus.

Mems Stimulus

”Meant for MEMS” is not only our slogan. It has a certain philopsophy behind it. Afore focuses on the MEMS testing only and it means our test cells are especially designed for the purpose. By following the philopsophy we ensure good DUT alignment, accurate stimuli, low noise conditions and smooth handling, all the main factors which are important in high quality MEMS testing.

up to 750 deg/s and up to infinitive turning range
exellent accuracy for high peformance sensor calibration
barometric and mid-pressure range chamber options
range 5 Gaus DC
20 ... 80% Relative Humidity
temperature accuracy, uniformity, soaking
for Combos with several sensor combinations

Package types

AFORE test cells are very flexible of adapting different type of packages. In addition to the flexibility we have designed our product so, that the change from product to product is fast and economical. We see this is important especially when the production volumes are low compared to the capacity of the test cell and the customer wants to use the same test cell for several products.

AFORE - a pioneer in WL-CSP testing
testing by using either strip level or wafer level test cell
carriers or lead frames