We are Afore


“Meant for MEMS” is just not a slogan for us, but a philosophy we follow in our operations. We want to keep our focus in MEMS testing only and use all our expertise to create most advanced MEMS test solutions. MEMS is our point of view and we don’t want to jeopardize the performance of our products with compromises due to other type of product testing. We always target to good MEMS sensor performance and low cost of test.


Delivery of our first MEMS test cell took place already in 1998. After that Afore has delivered dozens of test systems for testing pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and their combinations for the use of MEMS industry.   
Afore has a proven track record. Most of the deliveries operate in 24/7 high volume production. Our solutions don’t only meet the performance demands of High end automotive, Industrial or Consumer MEMS testing, but are reliable, easy to use and have low maintenance need.


MEMS sensor industry is facing two major challenges, one being technical and the other economical. The first concerns the miniaturization of MEMS sensor packages. The sensors are getting smaller and smaller, which makes their handling more complicated. Traditional handling methods may not be reliable anymore and lead to bad performance and low process yield.  The other challenge is continuous decrease of MEMS sensor prices. Testing forms a significant part of the cost price of MEMS sensor and its meaning cannot be neglected. Cost of test (COT) must follow the dilution of MEMS sensor prices. It is one competitive factor how well a MEMS company succeeds in the market.
Afore wants to be customer’s first choice in MEMS testing. It is obvious we cannot be, if we don’t offer something better than our competitors. Afore has developed cutting edge solutions for MEMS testing and we are ready to challenge any other vendor. We can show the way to cut the COT by creating tremendous test capacity and reduce the investment cost by choosing an optimal MEMS test cell and shortening the process. In addition, our technology is an answer to miniature sensor testing.


We promise to listen to the customer and offer a feasible solution for the customer need. We promise our MEMS test solution will be economical, technically advanced and reliable. We will provide our expertise and services for customer’s benefit starting from sensor R&D phase to realization of MEMS test cell and take care of the equipment during its life cycle.