Gyro stimulus accuracy

In principle, stimulating a gyroscope sounds easy. You just induce a constant yaw rate and test the gyroscope during the rotation. However, the reality may differ especially when targeting to very accurate stimulus. Afore has a wide experience in testing of high grade automotive gyroscopes and combos over the years. We know there are several issues to be taken into account. The real accuracy of the yaw rate stimulus depends on:
  1. Yaw rate accuracy
  2. DUT alignment accuracy
  3. Time to measure vs. accuracy
Unfortunately, there aren’t any standards on how a vendor should present the yaw rate accuracy and therefore the vendor values may not be comparable. The way to present the yaw rate accuracy figure as well as the verification methods may differ from vendor to vendor. Afore uses a fiber optic gyroscope to verify the accuracy of the yaw rate, because we believe that it is the most suitable and accurate measuring tool for that purpose.

Figure: Measuring result of KRONOS test cell . Measured with fibre-optic gyro.

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